Free Baby Seat Service In Uxbridge

Uxbridge Mini Cabs is famous for its best service in London. Our firm is family oriented and we take care of our customers. We always take care much of our passengers and especially of Childs, in order to provide them safety, we provide a child seat for the baby to make his/her journey safe and reliable. No one wants to take his/her child in a car without a child seat so why should you? Our call operators instruct the customers not to take the risk of taking your child without a child seat when we can supply you one with free of charges for almost all journeys you take. Uxbridge Mini Cabs gives the child seats for newly born babies up to 10 years old. We have a range of baby seats and we provide the one according to the age of the baby at no extra charges. Whenever someone wants to book a cab with us while having a child , then we ask about the age of the baby and provide a suitable seat. Call us now for more or make a booking.

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